In Memorium

Dear Janet and Diane,

On behalf of the Southampton Artists Association, please accept our sincere thanks for your generous donation in memory and honor of your beloved aunt Alice L. Schneider.

Alice and her brother Hank were devoted founding members of our association and were a constant inspiration to all of us. They are sorely missed!

We will use this donation to continue the unique artistic mission of our association your aunt and uncle so envisioned.

Sincerely yours,
Dom Lamontanaro, PhD
President, Southampton Artists Association

SAA Members to Exhibit at Art Basel Miami

SAA members Amanda Bella, Barbara Bilotta, Paul Dempsey and Anna Franklin will be exhibiting their works at Art Basel Miami this year.

Art Basel, Miami 2016  – 11/29/16 thru 12/04/16.

Leading galleries from North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa show work from the masters of Modern and contemporary art, as well as pieces by a new generation of emerging stars. Paintings, sculptures, installations, photographs, films, and editioned works of the highest quality are on display in the main exhibition hall. Ambitious large?scale artworks, film and performance become part of the landscape at nearby beaches, Collins Park and SoundScape Park.

Terrific Turnout For 30 Squared Opening Reception.

This year’s opening reception for Best Of Thirty Squared 2016 was remarkably well-attended. The Gallery at Water Mill Museum in Water Mill was packed with guests, and a steady stream kept the rooms full for 3 hours. Some visitors had just come from checking out the show at ArtHamptons. Others were in the area just to see some of the many art shows that day. The show has a vast variety of regional art, from abstract to realism, small to wall-sized, paintings, photography and mixed media. True to the name, this truly is a “Best Of” art show, and sales are brisk. Family-friendly show, handicapped accessible, free admission.

This exhibition is installed in two gallery rooms and features over 100 works of art. It’s up through July 17th, open 11-5, closed Tues/Weds. Proceeds from art sales benefit the Water Mill Museum.

A Smash Hit ! ! !

That’s what our Memorial Members’ Show was during our delicious two hour reception on May 28.

With 172 art works, this was our most spectacular exhibition, ever! And during our reception 225 stickered folks both artists and guests enjoyed themselves with meeting and greeting old and new members, potential buyers alike. The buzz echoed throughout the gallery and smiles and conversations were everywhere. We were THE place to be, that was evident.

Here are the favorite comments overheard or questioned: first, as the gal was writing in our guest/register book, she looked up and asked, “Is there a charge for this?” to which the reply was, “only if you purchase something.” The next one, “this is the best ever show, and the appetizers were as artistic as the walls and what a friendly atmosphere,” Kudos to our committees who make these shows very successful from every point of view. The next was, “it is a nice warm evening but warmer in friendship inside here.” The last one, “you have the best job.” My reply, to that “and don’t I know it!”

Three applications were handed out and we are half way through this year and they look forward to showing maybe for our next event or the Labor Day Show.

Eight new and newish members showed in this exhibition…Welcome to our Group!

CONGRATULATIONS! – There were numerous sales from both the walls and the bins so this show with more than 225, maybe 20-30 more didn’t wear hello stickers, that so many request, if not given at the register/guest book table, shot by me in the crowd waiting to enter the gallery. Love that word “crowd” and keep on coming to our functions, better yet join our group for there is something for everyone categories, e.g.; friends of the arts, student, family, individual and scholarship, teaching is available.

Since this show ends June 5, this is a record number of people who participated, or who have seen this exhibition and you can look forward to the following:
Art in the Park, July 16 and 17 – just across the street from our gallery
and coming August 31 – September 11 is our Labor Day Members’ Show, so I hope you can participate, come to see what the artists have for these dates.
In the meantime, God bless.

Beverly Livernoche, Secretary/Greeter