Ann Legere

Ann Legere, was born in Brooklyn, N.Y. and at the age of seven, her family moved to Sayville, N.Y. during her childhood years, she had a great love for art. Her father brought her a easel, realizing his daughter had talent, and so her imagination and creativity began to emerge.

She is a self taught artist, and has taken workshops since 2006. Her medium, is acrylic, oils, and watercolor. She is a impressionist, and
abstract painter, and loves to paint in her studio. Her painting, are mostly
landscapes, flowers, beaches, and animals. She loves nature, and loves
having her subjects there, to see, knowing she can capture from her heart to
canvas, the colors, coming alive bringing fourth the inner peace and

She had her work, in several libraries, galleries, and outdoor shows on Long Island, and won several ribbons in art exhibits.

She is a member of Women Sharing Art, and Southampton Artists Association.

Ann continues, to paint through her inspirations and her own discovery about her inner self and the journey she is on. To tell that story, only she could tell.

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