Aura Levitas

A wise man once advised me to do what makes you happy with your art. I followed his advice.

I love puzzles, words, puns, and slang, so combined with collage, mixed Media, assemblage and painting, I am happy with what I do. My life has been filled with the acquisition of retro treasures, my own and from loved ones. I incorporate these treasures into my work.

In 1990, I was chosen for Discoveries VI, a New York City funded art show which toured the five boroughs for one year. My collage “Do you remember?” became their logo.

In 2001, 2007 and 2009, I had exhibits in Soho, New York City. My husband, a TV scenic designer, and I, joined Southampton Artists and curated five shows a year for nine years. Later, I served as President of the Association for two years.

At one of my exhibits, a viewer remarked, ”Looking at Ms. Levitas’ work is like reading a John Steinbeck novel.”

The wise man’s advice was from my husband, Willard Levitas. He will be remembered when we visit and enjoy the Levitas Center for the Arts in Southampton. 

Sisu – A New Book of Poetry and Art by Aura Levitas

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