Joe Giaquinto

Contact info:
Phone: 631.834.7819

Methods of Payment Accepted: Cash, Check or secure credit card payments via PayPal.

The 8”x 10” photographic images are professionally printed and mounted in an 11”x14” black Nielsen gallery frame with a white matte. Each work is hand-signed and comes with a COA. Any item listed as ‘Limited Edition’ will also be numbered.

Please feel free to contact me for pre-sales info, or to make a purchase. Best offers for purchase are also considered.

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Cabaret – Digital Photo Art – 11″ x 14″ – $250
A cabaret dancer has movement, expression and energy, enhanced by circular blue reflection lines. Butterfly and flower shapes flutter upward from her arm.
Carnival – Digital Photo Art – 11″ x 14″ – $250
This colorful image portrays a man and woman, quite closely involved with each other, as if crushed into a corner by parade goers during Carnival in Rio. The man’s expression offers us enjoyable inebriation; the woman’s expression is purely pleasure.
Geisha – Digital Photo Art – 11″ x 14″ – $250
I often receive impressions with Japanese, French, Spanish and African flavors. This is a beautiful image of a geisha. She appears to be looking at something on a table below. The photo has many interesting elements, including an Oriental facial structure and hair style, an hourglass figure, the semblance of a book or musical instrument in her left arm, and a red heart-shaped pelvis.
The Doll – Digital Photo Art – 11″ x 14″ – $250
This is Jacqueline – one of the haunted, inanimate objects I had in my antique doll collection. When this photo was taken, her energy created quite a lifelike appearance.
Two Women – Digital Photo Art – 11″ x 14″ – $250
Two women are seated, facing opposite directions from each other. The woman furthest away looks out a window, while the woman closest to us holds a giant triangular Ouija board message indicator. The locale of this colorful image could be interpreted as either France or South of the Border.

By day, Joe Giaquinto is a computer guy – on nights and weekends, he is a psychic-medium and ghost investigator. He has experienced otherworldly phenomena in and around New York City and Long Island for over forty years. His first official ghostly encounter occurred in upstate New York, when he unknowingly moved into a haunted house. Over the years that followed, his many encounters with the paranormal helped him develop his intuitive ability as a psychic-medium.

As an artist, Joe has forged a connection with the spirit world through his camera, channeling spiritual images through the lens. Using a combination of photographic, analytical and drawing skills, the resulting images are beautiful, impressionistic artworks. People often ask Joe who painted his art and are surprised to find out the images were derived from photographs. Joe believes our spiritual universe is a beautiful place – his mission is to share its art with everyone.