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Information for Artists to Exhibit at Southampton Town Hall

this is a wonderful opportunity for each of our members to have a “one person show” with no costs involved and a guaranteed audience of the many people who work in town hall or visit for business.  the folks at town hall have been very appreciative of these shows and honestly, don’t quite know how they lived with all those bare white walls for so many years!  i encourage every member of the southampton artists association to sign up.  please read all of the below information carefully.  i believe it will answer all of your questions regarding our “art in town hall” program.

download: [pdf]
information for town hall exhibitors (including contract and measurements)
2020 Schedule
Duration of show
Install date Removal date Artists
February – March January 31 –  Friday March 27 –  Friday Town employees
April –  May March 27 – Friday May 29 – Friday Arline Hershberg
June – July May 29 – Friday July 31 – Friday Ulrike Kreiner
August- September July 31 – Friday September 25 – Friday Donna Howard
October – November September 25 – Friday December 4 – Friday James Slezak
December 2020- January 2021 December 4 – Friday January 29 – Friday SAA Group Show


Past Exhibits:

Gary Robert

Kim Caruzzi

Southampton Artists Group Show

Michelle Murray

Neva Setlow

SAA 2017 Group Show

Annmarie LaFace

Maureen Travers and Pamela Thompson

Paul Dempsey

Fellowship Group:

David Kornrumpf

Jim Wightman

Jim Witker

Danielle Leef

Beverly Livernoche

Michelle Murray

Gerry Giliberti

Elena Markina

Ellen Paul

SAA Members: 2013 Group Show

SAA Members: 2012 Group Show

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