Jim McGarvey

I am a Scottish born Artist now residing in Sag Harbor, New York. My love of art was rekindled about 15 years ago (usual stuff–life got busy, etc.). My passion grows with each painting as I start to see it come alive with colors and activity. Over these last years I have completed multiple subjects: ocean views, landscapes, castles, cathedrals, and bridges. Some of these themes are derived from my native Scotland and some from places I have vacationed here in my new homeland.

Recently In my work I strive to widen my horizon and try to demonstrate the human emotions that we all go through: love, sorrow, pain, and despair. As I work on my portraits I attempt to embody and capture the realism and depth of the object, or figures, to create art that speaks to the mind and the soul of the onlooker.


email: [email protected]

instagram: @jmcgarvey1951