Linda Nemeth

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Baiting Hollow Windmill
15″ x 20″
Down But Not Out
24″ x 48″
Sod Farm Barn
Matted Watercolor
14″ x 17″
Sunset Barns
Matted Watercolor
12″ x 14″
Potato Pipeline
Oil On Board
10″ x 30″

Since the earliest years I can remember, art has in some form, played a part in my life. My senior year in high school was a major turning point, opening my eyes to a whole world of self-discovery, as had viewing the works of Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns. I had been gravitating toward language and biology when I was introduced to the arts and suddenly realized an internal drive to explore the world as an artist. That was the beginning of the constant exciting search for new challenges.

For years, my main interests were painting and sculpting as separate entities. I often find myself joyfully combining many mediums and moving more toward the conceptual or purely abstract. Though I now work “full-time” as an artist, I taught art for 31 years and gained immeasurable knowledge and skills, which have helped to build my repertoire. I had the time not only to travel, but to continue pursuing my own work and exhibiting. I have also been involved in design and artwork for stage and film and have taught and used Photoshop

As a native of Northern California, I was accustomed to year-round color and an outdoor lifestyle. Moving to New York was a true culture and climate shock. The winters made me feel closed-in with its often-bleak grayness. I began bringing living plants into my studio. They added the color, which I so missed, and became the subjects of many of my first series of drawings and paintings.

Though my two dimensional works are usually the culmination of much thought about the development of the subject, most of my sculptural pieces are extremely spontaneous. The sculptures have evolved from figurative stone sculptures to abstract interactions of forms and space. My mixed media pieces have become thoughtful mergers between my painting and the more spontaneous development of my sculptures.

The beauty of the land and the rapid loss of open space to over development have driven me to paint an extensive series in a more traditional manner. Capturing a rusty truck, a barn top water tank, or an abandoned farm, are reminiscent of my childhood and fill me with both warmth and sadness. When I find myself getting too tight with my technique, or too serious, I revert to a loose, vividly colored, whimsical technique. This contrasting abstract work is a spontaneous “stream of consciousness”, flowing from pure imagination.