Endless Summer 2020

Southampton Artists First Ever Virtual Art Exhibit https://www.hamptons.com/The-Arts/In-the-Galleries/26501/Southampton-Artists-Association-Presenting.html#.XrwiVWhKiUl

Mr Wightman

Dear SAA Members, I must sadly inform you that our primary abstract painter Jim Wightman will be relocating out of our area.  Jim is a long term SAA member who has put many hours into our organizational programs. He was president at one time for two terms. Jim was an originator and activist in the past of the SAA High School…

Winter Exhibit in the News

Southampton Artists Association received some nice coverage for our Winter Exhibit https://www.hamptons.com/The-Arts/In-the-Galleries/26301/Yearly-Hamptons-Winter-Art-Show-To-Highlight.html#.XlrUmChKiUk https://www.hamptons.com/Gallery/4142/Southampton-Artists-Association-Celebrates-Winter.html#.XlrUjShKiUl https://indyeastend.com/arts/indy-snaps/winter-art-exhibit/

Board Members Interviewed

First Vice President, Paul Dempsey and Recording Secretary, James Slezak, were recently interviewed by Hamptons.com. Read the interview here: https://www.hamptons.com/mobile//The-Arts/In-the-Galleries/26098/INTERVIEW-Fine-Arts-Photographers-James-Slezak.html#.Xbyt3yUpCaP